Borja Esteve-Altava (Junior Leader Fellow, DCEXS-UPF)
I am an evolutionary biologists (PhD in Biodiversity) interested in understanding the relationship between evolution and health. Most of my work has been focused on the morphological evolution of the head and limbs of vertebrates. Specifically, the presence of evolutionary trends and developmental constraints, delimiting morphological modules based on the anatomical relations of parts, and studying the premature fusion of bones or craniosynostosis in an evolutionary context.




Aitor Navarro Díaz (PhD Student, University of Valencia)
In collaboration with Diego Rasskin-Gutman, Aitor carries on his doctoral research on the evolution of the vertebrate skull and how evolutionary trends in morphology relate to pathological conditions such as craniosynostosis.


Jake Horton (2018 Master Student, Imperial College London)
In collaboration with Arkhat Abzhanov, Jake studied the evolution of the crocodilian skull using anatomical networks analysis and comparative methods.


Fernando Antonio Martín Arnal (2017 Master Student, University of Valencia)
In collaboration with Héctor Botella, Fernando studied the macro-evolutionary changes in the anatomy of the skull roof in early vertebrates (placoderms) using anatomical networks analysis and phylogenetic tools. Fernando is currently doing his PhD at the University of Bath.

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